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We offer fruit & veg boxes in all shapes and sizes. Small, medium or large? All fruit, all veg, mixed or all organic? Pick your perfect box based on how much fruit and veg you eat. It is easy to switch between boxes or add another box. And you can skip a delivery in just a few clicks.

Every week we talk to farmers to find a selection of fresh surplus and imperfect produce for each box and always ensure it is packed with lots of value and variety. 

You’ll receive an email to let you know what is available for your box in the days before the delivery. You are able to customize and replace items you don’t want with ones you love – or let us surprise you!


Small change, big impact

Instead of sending farmers and distributors a specific order to fill, we flip the traditional food system and ask them what fruit and veg they have available and what’s at risk of going to waste. This enables us to rescue perfectly fresh produce and build a weekly box for you that is stocked with tons of value and environmental impact.

The Lineup

You can customize your box each delivery to ensure you receive exactly what you want.

Fruit & Veg Small


Up to 10 types of fruit & veg

Fruit & Veg Medium


Up to 13 types of fruit & veg

Fruit & Veg Large


Up to 16 types of fruit & veg

All Organic Small


Up to 10 types of fruit & veg

All Organic Regular


Up to 14 types of fruit & veg

All Fruit


Up to 12 types of fruit

All Veg


Up to 14 types of veg

Join the movement

Save money, help fix the food system and occasionally get a vegetable that will make you laugh.