Fully Customizable Produce Boxes 🥕🍎🍓

Small Change, Big Impact

Eating the ‘too many’ and ‘too ugly’ to fight food waste

Farmer-led Eating

We flip the traditional food system upside down by asking farmers what fruit and veg they have available in abundance instead of sending them a specific order to fill or asking them to grow specifically for us.

We ask for their imperfect and surplus harvest and prioritize buying the fruit and veg that would otherwise be at risk of going to waste. We apply the same approach to buying produce from importers and distributors. This enables us to rescue perfectly fresh produce and build a weekly box that is stocked with tons of value and positive environmental impact.


What is in your box

Our unique model provides you with an easy and enjoyable way to support farmers, reduce food waste and make a positive impact on the planet. The selection in the boxes changes weekly based on availability and season. We try to optimize the impact of every box by prioritizing rescuing fruit and veg that is imperfect, in oversupply or in harvest season. 



30% of all produce grown does not meet strict cosmetic retail standards. This fruit & veg is perfectly fresh, but too ugly, too small, too big or too odd to make it to the produce aisle.



Nature is unpredictable. Farmers plant extra to make sure they can fulfill their orders, which frequently leads to an excess supply that they then have a small window of time to try and sell.


 Harvest Season

Each crop has its own growing cycle that is influenced by location and weather. When the crop enters harvesting season the supply frequently exceeds the demand.

Our Partners

We are building relationships with a network of over 100 farmers and distributors. We prioritize buying seasonal produce from Ontario Farmers whenever possible. We include in-season fruit and veg from other countries to ensure better variety outside of the local growing season.

Our innovative, efficient supply chain significantly decreases the amount of time it takes for the harvest to reach your fridge. The speed in our model enables us to rescue produce and deliver it to you perfectly fresh.

Join the Rescue Mission!

Save money, help fix the food system and occasionally get a vegetable that will make you laugh.