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How It Works


1. Pick Your Box

Fruit, veg or both? Large or small? Choose the box that matches your office’s needs. 


2. Sit Back & Relax

We’ll fill your weekly box packed full of easy to grab healthy snacks to keep your team nourished.


3. Delivered Direct

We deliver your box on your selected day. Each box fights food waste and contributes to a sustainable food system.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 5 stars on Google by 100+  happy customers 

A Way for Your Team to Make a Difference

Ugly Produce

Every year, millions of pounds of produce go to waste due to oversupply and strict cosmetic standards.

Eat Impact rescues perfectly fresh surplus and imperfect produce to help you eat healthy and do good!

🍎 Eat Better – Stock your office fridge with fresh healthy snacks.

🌎 Do good – Fight food waste and help build a more sustainable food system.

💰 Save Money – Save up to 40% off major grocery store prices and other office delivery services.


Our Boxes

Select what you need based on your office size

Fruit & Veg Boxes

Starting at $49

Fruit Only Boxes

Starting at $49

Snack Boxes

Starting at $49

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 5 stars on Google by hundreds of happy customers

Freshness Guarantee

 If you ever receive an item you are not happy with we will replace it in your next delivery. 

What Customers Say

We deliver to thousands of happy customers across the GTA.

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Loving this box

Great variety, quality is consistently good, easy to skip weeks, customize the box and seamless delivery. Great value for money, and it is fun to receive odd looking produce once in a while.

Melissa from Aurora

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Impact is the best

 The quality of the fruit and vegetables is excellent and we love being able to customize our box. We strongly recommend using Impact and as an additional benefit, you will help divert high quality food from being wasted.

Carol from Toronto

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Incredible Value

Love these boxes! Amazing quality and I love how you can customize the box. The customer service is incredible as well. I eat more produce and save over 50% compared to my local grocer. Highly recommend! 

Jason from North York

Frequently asked Questions

We curate a weekly selection for each box. The selection varies based on growing season and availability. We always ensure the boxes are stocked with lots of value and variety. 

We source our produce from 30+ local farmers and a few distributors. We prioritize buying directly from local farmers during the Ontario growing season. We supplement with imported items during the winter months.

Imperfect produce does not meet strict retail cosmetic standards. It is perfectly fresh but could be too small, too big, too odd, too wonky, too ugly etc. Roughly 30% of all produce grown is considered imperfect and never makes it to retail stores.

Whenever supply exceeds demand it creates a surplus. This often happens when produce is in the peak harvest season, when the yield is larger than expected or when big orders fall through. Surplus produce is perfectly fresh and normal, the same as you would find in retail stores.

Our team works hard to ensure the produce we deliver in your box is fresh. Every box gets double checked, but we do sometimes miss a freshness issue. If you ever receive an item your are not happy with we will replace it in your next delivery.

Eat Impact subscriptions are 100% commitment free. You can easily skip order and cancel your subscription in your account.

Toronto + North: Toronto, North York, Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Innisfil & Barrie.

We charge a flat $10 + HST delivery rate.

Join the Rescue Mission

Save money, help fix the food system and occasionally get a vegetable that will make you laugh.