Save Money & 

Fight Food Waste

Perfectly fresh, sustainably sourced surplus and imperfect produce delivered. Up to 40% off retail prices.

Stop overpaying for produce

Fruits and veggies keep on getting more expensive. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of pounds of fresh produce go to waste in Canada every year due to oversupply and strict retail cosmetic standards.

Stop overpaying for groceries with a delivery of perfectly fresh surplus and imperfect produce and watch your positive environmental and community impact grow with every order.


How It Works


Weekly Selection

We talk to farmers and order a selection of surplus and imperfect produce at risk of going to waste.


Choose What to Rescue

Customize your box and choose items you want, or let us pick for you.


Save Time, Money & Do Good

We deliver your box to your door with carbon neutral deliveries. Every order gives a meal to a family in need.

The Lineup

You can customize your box each delivery to ensure you receive exactly what you want. 

Small Mixed – $19.95

Up to 10 types of fruit & veg

Medium Mixed – $29.95

Up to 13 types of fruit & veg

Large Mixed – $39.95

Up to 16 types of fruit & veg

All Fruit – $29.95

Up to 12 types of fruit 

All Veg – $29.95

Up to 14 types of veg

All Organic – $39.95

Up to 14 types of fruit & veg

Good for your wallet & the planet

Food waste has a significant carbon footprint. We help you save money, fight waste and make a positive impact on the environment.

Help Take Hunger Off the Menu

More families are facing hunger for the first time due to a rise in inflation and costs of living. We donate one meal for every delivery to help ensure food banks across Ontario have the food and resources to support their communities.

Join the movement

Save money, help fix the food system and occasionally get a vegetable that will make you laugh.